NikeLab a récemment introduit le monde à une nouvelle silhouette conçue en collaboration avec Kim Jones, qui est le directeur de style de la mode masculine chez Louis Vuitton. Jones a introduit les marchandises avec la chaussure Nike pas cher, un remake moderne d’un coureur des années 90, dans un tout colourway blanc. Maintenant, la Nike Air Zoom LWP semble être creuser ses talons avec trois nouveaux coloris pour cimenter sa place sur les listes must-flic dans le monde entier.

Les trois nouvelles versions sont équipées de la même construction en tricot, soutenue par des panneaux fusionnés, assis sur le dessus de la semelle Nike Zoom Air. L’obligation supérieure noire fait une apparition, en regardant vers le haut prêt pour l’action, à éclater contre une semelle blanche. A colourway ‘Volt’ a été chiné noir pour donner un impact sérieux élevé, chaussure dynamique. Pour compléter le pack, il y a une majorité noire supérieure avec un fil magenta tissé par le biais d’un coup de couleur.

Le nouveau Kim Jones x colourways NikeLab Air Zoom LWP seront disponibles 23 Juillet à partir de certains revendeurs NikeLab.


After months of ‘airborne’ teasers and speculative banter, Kanye West and adidas Originals have finally unveiled their first collection together on the opening day of New York Fashion Week. The downtown art-installation starred Beyonce and Jay Z in the front row, along with Rihanna, Anna Wintour and the local fash-glitterati and street poseurs in full effect. It was an impressive line-up and the hottest of hot tickets in a week where the entertainment options have been overwhelming in the Big Apple.

As expected, the Nike Yeezy Boost 350 made its first official appearance, though the aforementioned image leaks meant the mystery had largely evaporated by the time the show started. For eagle-eyed sneaker fanciers, the sight of an intriguing off-white moccasin-type runner (possibly the Nike Yeezy Boost Low or the ‘Yoshe’, as it’s being called by mean-spirited haters) was a highlight, along with a stomper boot that was possibly inspired by the adidas Winterball. It was hard to say how much of what was seen in the show will be available on official shelves in the post-apocalyptic future, but if you dig the Water World aesthetic and skin-coloured tights, you’re definitely in luck.

Kanye remained enigmatic to the end, appearing from behind the curtains to take a brief bow, and with a sly wave to Lady Bey, he was off, leaving many scratching their heads. Genius or talentless hyper-ego, there’s no doubting the thermo-nuclear buzz Kanye is able to generate at will. Whether that translates into million dollar sales for adidas is another matter, but for now, this is a tantalising glimpse into the direction of this remarkable cultural partnership.

Nike has yet to offer any more info, but we will no doubt hear more in the coming days and months. As for our thoughts on the Nike Yeezy shoes? Until we get our hands on them we’ll reserve our judgement, but you only need to check our Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone thinks in real time.

Look how good Nike is at hiding other shoes in USA Basketball photos

The official USA Men’s Basketball team photo is out and … wait a minute.

Three players on the team — Harrison Barnes, Kyle Lowry and Klay Thompson — wear non- Nike Air Max 95 shoes, and all three of them are suspiciously placed in the back. But OK, really, there’s nothing suspicious about it, since Nike, which yields huge influence over all of USA Basketball, has been making sure this happens since 2008.

That 2008 team was the most famous example, when Coach K blocked Dwight Howard’s Adidas, the only player in the lineup who was blocked. Technically, Wade was wearing Converse, but Nike has owned them since 2003. (Fun game: Can you name the player standing behind Kobe Bryant?)

Anyway, the Nike control over Team USA runs deep. This doesn’t always come up, since Nike has dominated the basketball market until very, very recently, led by the dominance of Under Armour‘s Stephen Curry. For example, for the 2012 Team USA photo, every participant wore Nike — even Kevin Love, who was signed to a Chinese shoe deal but cited a “comfort clause” to wear Nike instead. (He received a bonus to wear his Chinese-based brand 361 shoes for the final five games.) Regardless, Love is the only one without shoes visible at all in the 2012 team photo. How convenient!

It may run even deeper than team photos. There’s speculation that Candace Parker, the best player on the best team this season in the WNBA, and one of the most famous female athletes of this generation, was left off this year’s Team USA women’s squad in part because of her Adidas shoe deal.

There were other reasons you can point to, but that it might have even been a small factor is incredible. Whatever the case, this is an incredibly impressive level of pettiness from Nike, a corporation that is worth an estimated $100.1 billion, per Forbes.

10 tips for a successful wedding makeup


It uses long-lasting products, especially in terms of complexion, and non-transferable products. The white or cream gowns do not forgive any trace of make-up!


You always wonder what is going to give her makeup photo. Flash brings out the shine and irregularities – very dry skin are concerned. I suggest to matte complexion with foundation base which will serve as virtual blotter between the skin and the foundation. The latter should not be darker than the skin may create a boundary. Therefore, it is especially not change its foundation habits of coverage and intensity; Taking the same as usual, making sure it is long lasting. If we want to make absolutely UV sessions before the big day, it changes its foundation, but always taking the tone on tone! For a healthy complexion, a drop of serum rich in hyaluronic acid is added to the foundation.


The cheeks are the most dry of the face and powder blush mark on fine lines around the eyes. My tip: take a blush brush that is crushed on the blush by turning on itself so that the pigments infiltrate into hair. then mixed a drop of serum Advanced Night Repair (rich in hyaluronic acid) with the blush. This gives a liquid texture, thinner than the powder, and does not mark wrinkles. On a grainy skin, this water plumps blush the cheeks giving them a nice bright color.


It does not force the concealer that tends to break into fine lines and mark the lines. On top of the hand, one puts a touch of eye and a touch of concealer. Is mixed with a concealer brush and apply at the pockets. The concealer will cover the eye while the gel will moisturize. It should not be lighter than the skin otherwise the spring gray tint. Finally, only using concealer, it emphasizes the inner corner (where pass the small vein) and the outer corner (the red line in the corner).


The day we left with the image of the wedding dress: pretty and natural. First put an eye primer on the eyelids to prevent the makeup starts in the folds when blow hot or crying. We put a highlighter (blotter or beige pink) on mobile eyelids. Then is immersed mine eye pencil in a darker eye lids and a small shadow is placed eyelashes with to create a smoky effect. This prevents the pencil flush with the lower lashes, especially if you have bags or dark circles. This trait of make-up is suitable for small eyes but many sophisticated look; it is therefore rather keep for the evening. With blue eyes, a bronze pencil is used (if you have light hair) or a chocolate or brown pencil (if you have brown hair and dark skin). With green eyes, is used in the palette of purples based blue or gray (not prune because it highlights the blood vessels). With brown eyes, I recommend the dark blue colors (if you have dark hair) or blue jeans (if you have light hair). Finally, opt for waterproof mascara and long-lasting to withstand tears and rain.
A board that is day and night: it banishes too iridescent powders and creams. With flash, these textures are rarely aesthetic. In addition, it prevents the eyeshadow spread to brow bone.

6. mattifies ON HIS MOUTH

Before step lipstick, a little loose powder is applied to the lips with a brush. With his lips, pinching a folded paper towel in half as a sieve. This powdery effect guarantees a longer duration lipstick.


Before the party, you put a little foundation on top of the hand and the same amount of foundation base. Is mixed with a powder brush that we pass on the face in circular motions: this will rectify the complexion while the matting. Also, we always keep a compact powder in her bag. Last trick ultra convenient: one arranges two cotton buds halved previously dipped in makeup remover in the eyeshadow housing (stumps compartment). If we would make a little tear, it can be used to remove burrs. No need to bring his big bottle of cleanser!


In the evening the day make-up is transformed without cleansing. under it adds shine with a light pen (one to two shades lighter (s) that the skin). It puts in the inner corner of the eye by drawing a small “c”. Then we made a big “C” in the outer corner (under the eyebrow and under the cheekbone). Then fades. We put the pencil (black if you have dark hair, gray if you have light hair or brown) to the middle of the eyelid. With the finger, it fades to the crease of the eyelid. We put the eyeshadow (which can choose slightly glittery) over the pencil, and fade with the finger. The result ? A smoky eye that easy does not fall on the rings. Last step: powder lip is removed and dare a red mouth, the soft light tends to turn off the colors. One can also add gloss to create a vinyl effect.


If we have an Asian face, we will bring him relief with these tips. With the light pen (two shades lighter than the skin), draw an “E” is just above the eyebrows and at the dark circles through the inner corner of the eye, then along the nasolabial fold to return to the jaw (see diagram above). It fades with finger. We draw another “E” with the sun powder (a darker shade) brushed to blush (not powder): one starts from above the eyebrow through the outer corner of the eye, then under the cheekbone and back we come back in the jaw. This sculpting, ideal for everyday as for the marriage ceremony, creates an effect of light and shadow on the flat faces. You do not forget to draw her eyebrows: it raises three points of light pen (on the inner corner, on the tip of the eyebrow and on the tail of the eyebrow) and then draws a bar under the eyebrow. It blurs the finger or concealer brush. It caps the eyebrows down, draw the top line of the eyebrows by taking a vertical pen on the outer corner of the eye as a control, then recoiffe eyebrows over with a pencil. For very short eyelashes, false eyelashes are a good solution. Otherwise, use an eyelash curler and a lengthening mascara (especially not volumizing).

For an African makeup, use a makeup foundation transferable Double Wear well suited to thick skins fat kind. Black skin quickly swallow the pigments so it uses makeup to pretty pigmented blushes cheeks and iridescent eyes. Pencils Double Wear emerald green eyes, turquoise or blue go well with black skins.

For an Arab makeup, we will focus gray and black shades on the eyes. If it is a traditional oriental wedding and must be changed several times dresses, opt for a neutral makeup that will fit every outfit. The lips are very red; this color works well with other shades. As regards the eyebrows, we adopt the same procedure for the Asian makeup except that fills a little the eyebrow (Lebanese way makeup).


It is better to take care of makeup before the hair (except in the case of a break curlers). The fact of attaching hair lets go as close to the hairline with the background color; This avoids the boundaries! Whatever happens, it always puts Anastasia liquid lipstick at the last minute, after the hair, to prevent stains and smudges.