10 tips for a successful wedding makeup


It uses long-lasting products, especially in terms of complexion, and non-transferable products. The white or cream gowns do not forgive any trace of make-up!


You always wonder what is going to give her makeup photo. Flash brings out the shine and irregularities – very dry skin are concerned. I suggest to matte complexion with foundation base which will serve as virtual blotter between the skin and the foundation. The latter should not be darker than the skin may create a boundary. Therefore, it is especially not change its foundation habits of coverage and intensity; Taking the same as usual, making sure it is long lasting. If we want to make absolutely UV sessions before the big day, it changes its foundation, but always taking the tone on tone! For a healthy complexion, a drop of serum rich in hyaluronic acid is added to the foundation.


The cheeks are the most dry of the face and powder blush mark on fine lines around the eyes. My tip: take a blush brush that is crushed on the blush by turning on itself so that the pigments infiltrate into hair. then mixed a drop of serum Advanced Night Repair (rich in hyaluronic acid) with the blush. This gives a liquid texture, thinner than the powder, and does not mark wrinkles. On a grainy skin, this water plumps blush the cheeks giving them a nice bright color.


It does not force the concealer that tends to break into fine lines and mark the lines. On top of the hand, one puts a touch of eye and a touch of concealer. Is mixed with a concealer brush and apply at the pockets. The concealer will cover the eye while the gel will moisturize. It should not be lighter than the skin otherwise the spring gray tint. Finally, only using concealer, it emphasizes the inner corner (where pass the small vein) and the outer corner (the red line in the corner).


The day we left with the image of the wedding dress: pretty and natural. First put an eye primer on the eyelids to prevent the makeup starts in the folds when blow hot or crying. We put a highlighter (blotter or beige pink) on mobile eyelids. Then is immersed mine eye pencil in a darker eye lids and a small shadow is placed eyelashes with to create a smoky effect. This prevents the pencil flush with the lower lashes, especially if you have bags or dark circles. This trait of make-up is suitable for small eyes but many sophisticated look; it is therefore rather keep for the evening. With blue eyes, a bronze pencil is used (if you have light hair) or a chocolate or brown pencil (if you have brown hair and dark skin). With green eyes, is used in the palette of purples based blue or gray (not prune because it highlights the blood vessels). With brown eyes, I recommend the dark blue colors (if you have dark hair) or blue jeans (if you have light hair). Finally, opt for waterproof mascara and long-lasting to withstand tears and rain.
A board that is day and night: it banishes too iridescent powders and creams. With flash, these textures are rarely aesthetic. In addition, it prevents the eyeshadow spread to brow bone.

6. mattifies ON HIS MOUTH

Before step lipstick, a little loose powder is applied to the lips with a brush. With his lips, pinching a folded paper towel in half as a sieve. This powdery effect guarantees a longer duration lipstick.


Before the party, you put a little foundation on top of the hand and the same amount of foundation base. Is mixed with a powder brush that we pass on the face in circular motions: this will rectify the complexion while the matting. Also, we always keep a compact powder in her bag. Last trick ultra convenient: one arranges two cotton buds halved previously dipped in makeup remover in the eyeshadow housing (stumps compartment). If we would make a little tear, it can be used to remove burrs. No need to bring his big bottle of cleanser!


In the evening the day make-up is transformed without cleansing. under it adds shine with a light pen (one to two shades lighter (s) that the skin). It puts in the inner corner of the eye by drawing a small “c”. Then we made a big “C” in the outer corner (under the eyebrow and under the cheekbone). Then fades. We put the pencil (black if you have dark hair, gray if you have light hair or brown) to the middle of the eyelid. With the finger, it fades to the crease of the eyelid. We put the eyeshadow (which can choose slightly glittery) over the pencil, and fade with the finger. The result ? A smoky eye that easy does not fall on the rings. Last step: powder lip is removed and dare a red mouth, the soft light tends to turn off the colors. One can also add gloss to create a vinyl effect.


If we have an Asian face, we will bring him relief with these tips. With the light pen (two shades lighter than the skin), draw an “E” is just above the eyebrows and at the dark circles through the inner corner of the eye, then along the nasolabial fold to return to the jaw (see diagram above). It fades with finger. We draw another “E” with the sun powder (a darker shade) brushed to blush (not powder): one starts from above the eyebrow through the outer corner of the eye, then under the cheekbone and back we come back in the jaw. This sculpting, ideal for everyday as for the marriage ceremony, creates an effect of light and shadow on the flat faces. You do not forget to draw her eyebrows: it raises three points of light pen (on the inner corner, on the tip of the eyebrow and on the tail of the eyebrow) and then draws a bar under the eyebrow. It blurs the finger or concealer brush. It caps the eyebrows down, draw the top line of the eyebrows by taking a vertical pen on the outer corner of the eye as a control, then recoiffe eyebrows over with a pencil. For very short eyelashes, false eyelashes are a good solution. Otherwise, use an eyelash curler and a lengthening mascara (especially not volumizing).

For an African makeup, use a makeup foundation transferable Double Wear well suited to thick skins fat kind. Black skin quickly swallow the pigments so it uses makeup to pretty pigmented blushes cheeks and iridescent eyes. Pencils Double Wear emerald green eyes, turquoise or blue go well with black skins.

For an Arab makeup, we will focus gray and black shades on the eyes. If it is a traditional oriental wedding and must be changed several times dresses, opt for a neutral makeup that will fit every outfit. The lips are very red; this color works well with other shades. As regards the eyebrows, we adopt the same procedure for the Asian makeup except that fills a little the eyebrow (Lebanese way makeup).


It is better to take care of makeup before the hair (except in the case of a break curlers). The fact of attaching hair lets go as close to the hairline with the background color; This avoids the boundaries! Whatever happens, it always puts Anastasia liquid lipstick at the last minute, after the hair, to prevent stains and smudges.

Book of Urban Decay Shadows Volume II for Ezelpathan

I’m looking for the Book Of Shadows Vol.II Urban Decay for a few months but unfortunately without success … .. This palette just seems perfect, except that it is not found!

I’m no expert, but it seems that much of the cosmetics are purchasable at the unit. At worst, you can build you a custom palette by combining the makeup that you like. It will not be as beautiful as the original part, but it will in functionality and it’s better than nothing …
Otherwise I have no other solutions to you: wait and poke around the web, it is in my opinion the only place to find it …

She is no longer available on the website of Urban Decay or on the site Sephora and I can not find it on sites that sell the brands.

Can you tell me if you have already met during your visits webesques or in stores?

Thank you for your help !

P.S: Do not tell me that a new Alice in Wonderland Palette will be out soon because it does not fit me and the only Book of Shadows sold on Ebay are the books of spells witches of Charmed.

Iggy Azalea talks marriage affairs and account surrounding fiancé Nick Young

Nick Adolescent is still arena on Iggy Azalea’s team. The Fancy accompanist opened up to Extra in a candid, new account about her approaching conjugal to the basketball player, admitting his declared cheating confession.

The 25-year-old acclaimed that “sometimes it can be tough” seeing the account that currently beleaguer her fiancé, about she added, “When you accept solid at home activity and aggregate abroad is in order, again I feel like the account don’t assume to affect me as much.”

And acutely they aren’t aggravation her too much. During the interview, Iggy dished on her conjugal party, which includes pal Demi Lovato. “I’ve fabricated [Demi] my bridesmaid, so that way, I apperceive she’s accessible to sing,” she told Elvis Duran. “I haven’t asked her, but I anticipate I’m just gonna, advance her up onstage, blooper in a microphone, and cantankerous my fingers.”

With Demi by her side, Iggy will be cutting a custom wedding dress if she ties the band to the Los Angeles Lakers player. “Giorgio Armani is gonna accomplish my dress,” she revealed. “I asked and I didn’t apperceive if he would because he absolutely hasn’t fabricated a lot of celebrity marriage gowns.”

The accompanist added, “I’m just a fan of archetypal dressmaking and I capital my wedding dress to be around-the-clock so I don’t attending antic in 25 years if I’m assuming my kids, like, ‘Here’s what mommy wore.’”

Looking ahead, Iggy accepted that she would like to accept accouchement down the road. “I anticipate I accept a little window into what it ability be like to accept my own child, but I accept so abundant to do,” she said. “It’s way in the future.”

When the time does come, the Black Widow artisan will accept already had acquaintance with her fiancé’s adolescent son, Nick Jr., whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Keonna Green.

“Well, you apperceive my fiancé has a son and he’s four years old, so he’s at our abode all the time,” she noted. “And I accept a band with him. … He absolutely brand cooking, so if he comes over we, like, baker mini pizzas or make, like, Rice Krispy treats, we do being like that together.”

The best way any Fantastic Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Wedding gowns consist of a variety of layouts to flatter several body kinds. Complete figured brides at present will get lovely gowns therefore to their wedding dresses. This specific content offers several helpful getting grants acquiring plus size wedding gowns.

Get started searching for the correct dress once you obtain involved. It is because obtaining a excellent plus size prom dress takes considerably hard work which is never advisable to run through selecting a wedding dress. Market morning belongs to the almost all memorable morning to you, therefore always discover a spectacular dress to commemorate which happiest situation.

Think about just what wedding dresses design appears to be good you. If you’re an advantage size young girl who would like to accentuate your own cleavage, gowns by using halter as well as girlfriend neckline tend to be terrific decisions to assist you do just as well. When you want to goggles that size of one’s body, opt for wedding gowns by using A-line skirts. Whenever choosing the right content on your dress, follow fabrics which drape your own determine instead of reluctant to the idea.

Look for a dress which fits your wedding day design. With regard to complete figured brides that are gonna own outdoor ceremonies as well as getaway a wedding, it is advisable to opt for limited unconventional wedding planning gowns. Nonetheless, if the wedding shall be used in the church as well as at night, official wedding dress styles tend to be better decisions.

Look at local wedding planning shops exactly where you can try about wedding gowns you want to obtain. This can be essential precisely as it helps you to learn whether or not a particular wedding planning dress is actually best for your family as well as not. Moreover, you can find out whether or not clothes you want to obtain feels cozy as well as not once donning the idea. Remember to get an advantage size dress which healthy completely.

Searching your own dress from the web will let you obtain greatest deal. Several on-line shops featuring in plus size wedding gowns from low-cost price ranges. Make absolutely certain just what you obtain created from within excellent. With regard to brides that are for a limited finances, thrift shops are also good locations to get lovely in addition size gowns from price ranges from the requirement. Certainly, if you don’t would like to buy a used wedding planning dress, review intricate bridesmaids gowns. Many of them work extremely well since wedding planning gowns without busting your own finances.

Follow over regulations in plus size to you’re obtaining a lovely in plus size wedding dress which makes your special morning terrific!